‘Shapla Kuri’ Child Development Centre

Photo: Amiruzzaman/ActionAid

ActionAid Bangladesh, in collaboration with its local partner Shapla Mohila Sanghsta (SMS), has constructed a Child Development Centre in Faridpur.

ActionAid Bangladesh, in collaboration with its local partner Shapla Mohila Sanghsta (SMS), has constructed a Child Development Centre in Faridpur.

Since May 2013, ‘Shapla Kuri’ is offering a friendly environment to children from disadvantaged background. Hundred children have initially moved in. However, we are planning to extend the centre’s capacity and facilities.

Children living in ‘Shapla Kuri’ will have access to the mainstream education. They are benefiting from cultural activities, vocational training, psychological support, healthcare and private tutors in the evenings.

The focus of the project is to provide

> A safe and secured home for children with disadvantaged background

> Education and vocational training

> Healthcare facilities

Located in Faridpur, the project is funded by Spanish Development and Cooperation Agency-AECID, ActionAid Bangladesh, Shapla Mohila Sanghsta (SMS) and individual donors. 

While selecting who to baord here, we gave priority to children of sex workers, children of poor and marginalised families, children with disabilities and girls in distress.

Here’s what children who are already participants of our work feels about their new home:

A happy Asha Akhter says

In our new HOME, flower garden and play ground facilities are available; we are happy to have moved in.

Shumi Shaha shares

A reading table and sleeping bed is a long desire for me, I can’t imagine. It seems a dream to me.

Shokhi Akhter is ecstatic

I couldn’t ever think my life would be simple in society and community.

Smrity Akhter feels

It is very nice to have a good bathroom where fresh water is available.

Amelia magazine has been a partner in the journey to change the lives of the children of the sex workers who use to live in the brothel of Faridpur district in Bangladesh. A component of LEADR project funded by AECID ad implemented by ActionAid Bangladesh is the Shaplakuri Child development centre.

If you wish to make a donation to support 'Shapla Kuri' Child Development Centre, please contact jesmin.banu@actionaid.org