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ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) is implementing a project titled “Sustainable and Responsible Actions for Making Industries Care (SRAMIC)” funded by European Union, Levi Strauss Foundation and ActionAid. The duration of the project is 42 month (from January 2016 to June 2019).The major focus of the initiative is promotion of female leadership particularly in both trade union and Participation Committees. Special focus will be given to enhance the capacity of CSOs including Trade Unions (TUs) working in the garment, leather and tannery industries so that they can represent workers effectively, and hold LAs and garment owners accountable to labour policies and laws and enhance the existing legal framework.

Objectives of the Project

Overall objectivePromote inclusive and sustainable economic growth through realization of decent work agenda for garment, leather and tannery workers in Bangladesh.

Specific Objectives

  • Enhance the capacity of CSOs including trade unions working in the garment, leather and tannery industries so as to make workers’ representation effectively.
  • Hold Local Authorities (LAs)s and business owners accountable to labor policies and laws

Enhance the existing legal framework in realizing the above objectives with particular reference to compliance.

Expected Results

  1. Strengthened organizational capacity of CSOs and LAs (Labour Welfare Centre) to effectively represent and empower workers
  2. Strengthened technical capacity of CSOs to monitor, advocate and hold the government and business owners to account
  3. Improved multi-actor coordination, dialogue and partnership for accountability and greater public awareness of entitlements
  4. Enhanced operationalization of the Labour Policy and Law through inclusive policy-making and the creation of a knowledge base

Major Interventions 

  • Resource pack and training manual development on good governance, rights and entitlements, organizational management and gender issues;
  • Capacity building of workers through training of trainers and step down approach;
  • Capacity building of workers and providing employment related information, health care and day care service through café approach  ;
  • Sensitization of factory owners on labour rights and entitlements ;
  • Capacity building of mid-level management of garment , lather and tannery factories; 
  • Advocacy for labour friendly policy and budget;
  • Campaigning for safe and worker friendly workplace, gender friendly workplace  and labour friendly budget;
  • Documentation and showcasing best practices at factory level.

Implementing Partners

Awaj Agrajattra (Chittagong), Awaj Foundation (Dhaka), Karmojibi Nari (Dhaka), Safety & Rights Society (Dhaka), Songshoptaque (Chittagong)


Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS) and Democratic Budget Movement (DBM)


Dhaka and Chittagong.

Target Population

Through inclusive and more effective civil society action the immediate target of the project is to collectivize and empower up to 100,000 workers (particularly women) working in 950 garment factories and 50 tannery and leather industries. The ultimate target of the project is to reach up to 810,000 workers through wide-ranging campaigns and mass awareness raising program on worker rights and entitlements.


Employees and Employers of garment, leather and tannery sectors, policy makers, relevant government officials (e.g.Department of Labour, Labour welfare center), trade union and civil society organizations.


Euro 1,991,229

BDT 168,796,446

  • EC Contribution BDT 126,597,335(75%)
  • ActionAid Bangladesh BDT 34,469,128 (20.5%)
  • Levi Strauss Foundation BDT 7,729,983 (4.5%)

This project is funded by the European Union

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