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Striving for Education

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 09:27


In 2007, Nan Sreynom was selected by ActionAid Cambodia to be a sponsored-child and a member of child club in her village. While being selected, she was a 4 grader in Balang commune, around 40 Kilometers eastern part of Siem Reap province.

She is living with her family who traditionally earns living by only doing farming. During her primary school period, she was struggling on financial issue, educational facilities, and transportation for her education.

“While I was primary school, I had to walk to school for 5 kilometers every day. There was no proper road at that time. As a girl, I found it very challenging, but my parents always encouraged me to go study.” said Sreynom.

Her struggles had been faded away when ActionAid Cambodia started working in her community, Balang commune which is one among target areas that ActionAid Cambodia is working on in Siem Reap province.

In 2006, when ActionAid Cambodia started in Siem Reap, the illiteracy rate in Balang commune was very high. There were only two primary schools existed in which has only 9 classes. The classes were very poor condition and do not open regularly.

Sreynom was selected to be a sponosred child and member of child club in her community in 2007.After receiving supports from ActionAid Cambodia, via local rights partner Transforming Community Organization (CTO), her burdens had been relieved.  She received a bicycle as her daily transportation and some educational materials to support her study.

She added that “I was learning the drawing, group studying, incentive for being a smart student, and many other actives which lead me to be an active participation. I was always inspired by these activities”.

Sreynom, usually spent her day in the club teaching her juniors and explaining lesson to her peers besides helping her parents’ work. She pursued these activities until she finished high school in 2014. She said that with inspiration from child club in her community and having supported from ActionAid Cambodia, she was being able to pursue her study until she finished high school in 2014 when Cambodian students experienced strictest state exam.

Surprisingly, while around 70 percent of student nationwide failed the exam, Sreynom strived very hard for her exam and resulted in passing her state exam with grade E. 

Soon after graduation, she was selected to be a contracted teacher for Trapang Por primary school in her community.  

Since she becomes a teacher, she realized the importance of education for young kids in her community.

She said “children have to receive a better education before they reach higher education. Once their grounds are built properly, they could have a better future”.

Experiencing with club for almost 7 years, and being inspired by teaching children, Sreynom usually spends her free time teaching English to 50 children for free.

She said “I am really happy to teach English to them. I want them grow up with knowledge”.

Currently, Balang commune has 6 primaries school, 2 are in good operation and the rest in moderate and 2 junior high schools just freshly opened late 2013. 71% of total student that completed primary school can continue to junior high school with the rest.