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A Change of Chanthy's Life

Monday, January 30, 2017 - 13:56

Mrs. Keon Chanthy, a 37 year-old woman living with two small children and a husband in Pren village of Prey Kuy commune in Kompong Svay district in Kampong Thom province, is one among 759 families from small holder famers whom HOM – ActionAid Cambodia's partner -- and key farmers in 16 different villages selected as Extended Farmer due to their hard working in vegetable growing since 2011.

Since then, Mrs. Chanthy and other extended farmers have been participating in training and refresher ones on Climate Resilience and Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA) provided by HOM, ActionAid Cambodia's partner, and the key farmer in her village. The training includes farmer initial workshop on concept on CRSA, dream map and action plan development to apply CRSA, seasonal calendar, CRSA technique (how to prepare the land, how to make liquid and non-liquid compost, botanic pesticide and vaccination for chicken prevention from the disease) , reflection,  and field coaching and mentoring as well as linking the products to market needs.

With these soft skill supports and some more tangible inputs such as vegetable seeds and opened wells, she has applied the CRSA on her small plot of land with dimension of 20m x37m (0.2 hectare) and can earn R30,000-R40,000 per week for whole year from selling her vegetable. This improvement is a real big change of her family's lives since she could only grow a few varieties of vegetables not even enough for her family's consumption before becoming an extended farmer of HOM.