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Sreynom’s life: Hard work and Success

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 10:47


Mrs. Oeun Sreynom is a 34-year-old woman living with her husband and three small children in the Kampong Svay district of Kampong Thom province. Her village is located along the Stoeung Sen River and like many households in her area, her main income relied on fishing and growing rice during the dry season. However, several floods in the area from 2011 to 2013 devastated her rice yield, and the threatened the livelihood of Sreynom and some 775 small holder famers in 16 different villages. She tried to supplement her lost income by raising chickens, but found little success.

After observing the issues, ActionAid Cambodia's partner, HOM, in consultation with community representatives designed a project centering around alternative livelihood improvement through capacity building with a focus on Climate Resilience Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA). New techniques on raising chickens effectively was one of CRSA's approaches so Sreynom, along with 370 other small holder farmers (260 of whom were women), was selected by HOM to become an extended farmer and was trained on how to raise chickens more effectively. The training included how to build proper cages, how to clean the cage, vaccinations to prevent disease, and how to take care of the chickens properly.

File 37664Chicken and chicks that Sreynom is raising now.

After the training, HOM provided 5 chickens to each of the trainees, including Sreynom, with support from Church World Service (CWS). By applying what she learned during the training and with continued support, Sreynom has grown her 5 original chickens into 95 chickens. This effort has not only provided additional food to the family, but has also ensured additional income.

File 37665Mrs. Sreynom is taking care of the three pigs.

To continue to improve her livelihood, she has also purchased three pigs by selling some chickens and borrowing revolving funds from the savings group supported by ActionAid Cambodia.

With a big smile, Sreynom claimed: “I am very happy as my living condition is getting better and better because of support from HOM. I’m very grateful to HOM for supporting me with both items and capacity building as well up following up how I have been taking care of my chickens and pigs.”

As child sponsorship is the core funding of HOM, HOM has been implementing the programme to benefit families and Sreynom's oldest child (10 years old) is one of the sponsored child.

File 37666The three pigs Mrs. Sreynom bought with the money she earned from selling some of the chicken she raised.