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Strengthening CRSA concept and its principle to AAC’s local partners and model farmers

Friday, September 1, 2017 - 10:25

Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA) is an initiative that ActionAid has been developing, based on the concepts and practices of sustainable agriculture. It represents an effort to incorporate in work on sustainable agriculture and food security the new challenges posed by climate change and its impacts on poor people’s lives. Indeed, various research findings and farmers’ lived experiences have demonstrated the importance of sustainable agriculture within the context of climate change.

File 38170Farmers are using Inter Cropping method.

To scale up this approach, ActionAid Cambodia (AAC) has been adapting this approach since 2009. Our targeted area is with AAC’s Local Rights Partners based in Koh Kong, Kampot, Pursat, Kampong Thom and Oddor Meanchey province. Smallholder farmers owned less than 2 Ha, artisan fisherfolk, women and men in the 5 provinces where we are working enjoy practicing sustainable agriculture when they get empowered to control over their farming production and market and mobilized as farmer association to better protect themselves and engage with decision makers to demand for a change they want.

File 38171Upper Roof Gardening

Ongoing monitoring is very important part to make sure the target farmers of AAC partners have been applying this approach properly. Through this field monitoring, it found that application of 7 CRSA principles consisted of (i) Gender Equality and Women’s Rights, (ii) Soil Conservation, (iii) Sustainable Water Management, (iv) Agro-biodiversity Preservation, (v) Livelihood Diversification, (vi)Processing and Market Access and (vii)  Supporting Farmers’ Organization have been partly implemented by the farmers. In addition to the monitoring work and to be sure that the farmers ‘knowledge and AAC’s partners on concept of CRSA and the principles are still well aware, AAC team provided separated refresher training on the concept of CRSA and the principles to its local partners, COFAP and HOM as well 45 model famers (31 women) in Kampong Thom province on 3rd and 5th of July 2017.