ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Human Resource & Job Vacancies

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Why work for ActionAid Cambodia?

ActionAid is an independent organization and is against any form of social injustice. We stand strongly to fight for the right of the people. We commit to work together with relevant stakeholders to tackle issues and to bring about positive progress for our people in term of rights and livelihood improvement of the poor.

ActionAid Cambodia is working in partnership with local organizations instead of being a direct implementer. We have a clear and user-friendly Partnership Guideline for our staff to follow when they are working with local partners. We commit to build ownership of our local partners and communities where we work with to take on their action to end poverty and injustice. We strongly focus on their sustainability. In term of culture, ActionAid emphasises highly on attitude and behavior of every staff and our local partners. We are strongly against bully in work place as well as sexual harassment, and fraud. We have to say that it is zero tolerance to those who behave inappropriate or against the attitude and behavior performance guideline. We do not discriminate against any race, gender, or people living with HIV/AIDS in our work and employment. 

In regard to benefit, all ActionAid staff receive appropriate benefit for their job. It is comparable to the level of benefit provided by other similar organizations. There is a clear salary Grade and Step to follow for individual staff and position as well as for seniority and capacity of staff and job analysis result. This is to ensure that staff recieve enough benefit for themselves and their family. And they are able to deliver their job well. Staff are fully entitled to public holiday as stated in labor law and the government approved holiday in addition to the 18 annual leaves, sick leave, and other special leave category. 

Attitude and Behaviour

•  Behaving  in  a  way  that  genuinely  supports  those  who  are  excluded  to  fully participate, bringing poor and excluded people into the heart of decision-making, rather than simply informing and consulting them.
• Behaving with confidence and commitment to address discrimination due to sex, age, ethnic identity, race, colour, class, sexuality, disability, and religion and HIV/AIDS status, in all of our work.
• Actively seeking to learn from and build alliances with others who are aiming for similar goals by different methods. In so doing, we are aware that we are not working in isolation in searching for a lasting solution to eradicating poverty and injustice.
• Reflecting a desire for the best knowledge, even if such knowledge fails to support or undermines one’s preconceptions, beliefs or self interests.
• Actively seeking to learn from and share our knowledge, skills and experience with our colleagues internationally and others working for equity and justice.
• Demonstrating a willingness to listen, understand and take account of the different culture, language and communications characteristics of others.
•  Striving to achieve effective communications within ActionAid Cambodia, recognizing that people are faced with different demands and taking initiative in writing and communicating lessons and experiences which  are  in  accessible  formats  and language.
Guiding Principles in Operation 
• All ActionAid  Cambodia interventions  will  support  a process  of  downward accountability and building local capacity.
ActionAid Cambodia will actively promote non-hierarchical, participatory, open and self managing structures and behaviours throughout the organisation. 
• ActionAid Cambodia will have organisational relationships that reflect horizontal work and multiple and mutual accountabilities rather than merely hierarchical structures.
• ActionAid  Cambodia  will actively share its knowledge and lessons learnt from achievement and failures to support a shared learning culture across the organisation.
• ActionAid Cambodia is committed to supporting staff to achieve work-life balance, helping them spend time with family and community as well as pursue active interests outside of work.
• ActionAid Cambodia actively supports and promotes the Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standards for NGOs in Cambodia and the Voluntary Certification System with its NGO partners.
• ActionAid Cambodia recognises the Royal Government of Cambodia as ultimately responsible for its citizens, and will work together in the joint fight against poverty and injustice.
  1. Closing date for applications: 

    We are looking for students who are seeking for volunteer opportunities in the following roles and responsibilities. The Volunteer will primarily be based in Phnom Penh.

    The Volunteer will provide assistance to the fundraising department and the sponsorship team in maintaining a timely supporter communication through translation of relevant document, messages, supporter correspondent, preparation of logistic and administration works to ensure our services to the children, communities, and supporters are of quality. The volunteer could either be on part-time morning or afternoon shift, or on full time basis. The volunteer will report Sponsorship Officer.

    Applicant should send their letter of interest, CV, to email: (this email is for application submission only. No response will be sent from this email), or drop your CV at ActionAid Cambodia Office: # 33, Street 71, Phnom Penh. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

  2. Closing date for applications: 

    ActionAid Cambodia urgently seek to fill one position of Project Manager for a project “Empowering CSOs and Marginalized Community in Cambodia to Claim Land Tenure Security”. The project run through to 31st July 2019.

    The Project Manager will be responsible for overall leadership and management of the project including overseeing of staff and coordination for the project implementation and liaison with stakeholders including partners and donor.