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Child Sponsorship

Why is child sponsorship is very important for community development?

Child sponsorship is a mechanism of fund raising by linking sponsors in the rich countries such as UK, America, Australia, Ireland, Greece, and Italy with the children in poor communities. Through child sponsorship, ActionAid could raise fund from individual supporters, who have generosity and would like to see positive changes happened to the lives of the poor in less developed countries. It is not only the long term funding for ActionAid, but also observed as the tool to build emotional linkage between community children and the supporters in the rich country. Children are representatives of the community who play important roles for maintaining the fund for community development. All children are treated equally and are welcomed to join child sponsorship program.

Through Child Sponsorship funding, our programme interventions are increasingly focused in addressing rights issues, in the empowerment of poor and excluded people, and in the formation of strong community interest groups in order to address poverty and injustice. We also be able to demonstrate that our work is having a positive impact in tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice affecting the lives of poor and excluded girls and boys, women and men at local level and holds accountable to them for the quality of our work and that of our partners whereas our programmes activities are designed to promote personal and community learning, to strengthen capacity and to mobilise individuals and communities to demand their rights.

How we work on Child Sponsorship
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