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Food rights

By 2018 smallholder farmers, artisan fisherfolk, women and children in 75 communities where we work will have improved food security and control over their livelihoods.

Food is a basic right. We all need an adequate and balanced diet to allow us to work, play and see our children grow strong. And yet many people struggle to get enough food to sustain themselves and their families – a problem contributed to in Cambodia by climate change, problems with land access and promotion of unsustainable farming and fishing practices.

Promise 1 : By 2018, 75 communities are practicing climate resilient sustainable agriculture, through reduced dependence on chemical inputs, increased crop diversification and increased soil and water conservation.

Promise 2 : By 2018, there will be increased government support, budget, supportive policies and practices (including financial and extension support) for small holder sustainable agriculture projects and programmes.

Promise 3 : The state protects land and common property resources from privatization and /or resource grabbing.


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