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Women's Rights

By 2018, 8,000 women in urban areas and 70% of women in rural communities where we work are organised and challenge gender-based violence and gender inequality in all aspects of their lives.

Gender inequality means Cambodian women have less access to land, education,networks, technology, transport, cash and decision-making than men. They face increasing threats of violence, sexual assault and rape in public spaces as the rural to urban migration of young women increases.

Promise 8 : By 2018, there will be an increased agency of women and girls negotiating with and lobbying duty bearers in different public and private spheres at sub national, national and international levels.

Promise 9 : By 2018 we will have supported coalitions and networks against violence against women in urban public spaces.

Promise 10 : By 2018, we will have helped to make women’s rights a mainstream issue, supporting women and girls in influencing those responsible for enabling them to exercise their rights in both public and private spheres.

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