ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Who we work with

We support the poorest and most excluded groups in Cambodia. Over this strategy period we will work with:

Smallholder farmers: Almost 60 per cent of Cambodians rely on agriculture for their livelihoods and supporting small-scale farming is critical to tackling hunger and poverty. Rural poverty is widespread in Cambodia where farmers are facing problems with reduced access to, and control over, resources. We will invest in helping smallholder famers increase their incomes and the sustainability of their practices.

Artisan fisherfolk: We will support artisan fisherfolk, especially women and children, in dealing with a range of challenges that threaten their livelihoods, including commercial logging, species decline, pollution and destructive fishing methods.

Women:  In Cambodia, as elsewhere, the causes of poverty and injustice are gendered: socially ascribed roles in a patriarchal society mean that women living in poverty have less access to land, education, networks, technology, transport, cash, decision-making and control over their lives. AAC will put women’s rights at the centre of all our work.

Children: The violation of rights impacts on children dramatically, limiting their future potential. This is why we will continue to promote access to quality education and use our successful child sponsorship programme to advance our rights-based approach to poverty. 

Disaster affected communities: Our humanitarian mandate means that when a disaster hits AAC responds fast, providing support to flood-affected families. Not only this but we help people to prepare for disasters, developing practices and contingency plans that keep them safe and preserve their property when the worst happens.