Cutting food funding during a food crisis?

The UN is warning we could be on the verge of another global food crisis like the one in 2008. How has Congress responded? They've proposed cutting U.S. support for food aid and vital global hunger programs. 

Food prices have been rising dramatically around the world - the price of wheat and corn has nearly doubled in some regions, making it near impossible for people to feed their families. The longer prices continue to increase, the closer we get to a major food crisis that could plunge over 100 million people into poverty. 

Initiatives launched in response to the 2008 crisis are already making an impact -- particularly for small family farmers and women. But the House of Representatives has proposed eliminating food aid for 18 million of the world's poorest and hungriest people, including 2.5 million children who would be forced to go without their daily school meal. 

Tell Congress today- don't cut aid for food and agriculture in a global crisis!