• Right now, greedy corporations are grabbing land from communities across Africa, taking thousands of hectares away from people that rely on their land to grow food and support their families.

    LandFor Caption Contest
  • Tax is powerful. It funds schools and hospitals everywhere. We all pay tax, but right now, big companies aren’t paying as much as they should in developing countries. This takes billions of dollars away from vital public services every year, and world’s poorest people are suffering as a result.

    School children in Zambia telling us what #taxpaysfor
  • Do something amazing and make a difference, not just to a child but a whole community, by sponsoring a child.

    Sponsor a child like five year old Anita, who lives in the slums of Bangalore
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  • Millions of typhoon Haiyan survivors are still in desperate need of your help.

    Adorida Pescante was in her house with her grandson when the storm hit.
  • As the security situation in Syria worsens, refugee families are arriving in overcrowded camps with little more than what they can carry. We need your support to provide urgently needed aid for women and children. Please donate via ActionAid UK or Denmark now.

  • Donate a few tweets via JustCoz to help us spread the word about campaigns and issues.

    Mobile in clay
  • ‘If you destroy the environment, poverty cannot be eliminated’ Prof. Wangari Maathai, 1940-2011.
  • ActionAid Australia’s campaign The Other You connects people like you, who want to fight injustice, with ActionAid Activists overseas who are doing just that.
    Nazziwa - the other you
  • Each Gift In Action has its own fantastic card that family and friends will love.

    You have the choice of sending our specially designed pop-out paper cards or an interactive e-card. The choice is yours!

    Goat and boy
  • Do something amazing and make a difference not just to a child but a whole community, by sponsoring a child. You can sponsor a child if you're based in the UK, USA, Greece, Australia, ...
    Sponsor a child like five year old Anita, who lives in the slums of Bangalore
  • The UN is warning we could be on the verge of another global food crisis like the one in 2008. How has Congress responded? They've proposed cutting U.S. support for food aid and vital global hunger...
    Distributing food aid from ActionAid Kenya at Tangulbei, Rift Valley, Kenya
  • A few years ago, biofuels were touted as the miraculous answer to our energy shortages and climate change woes. They even promised to bring development to poor countries where biofuel...
  • Donate to support our work helping Ivory Coast refugees:Thirty-five year old Tiede Pauline is one of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing political violence in Ivory Coast.
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