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People of Many Rivers: Tales from the Riverbanks gives a unique insight into the lives of the riverine people of Bangladesh, to their dreams and aspiration – and their daily fight for survival. It is...

24 September (New York) – International aid agency ActionAid today warns that unless rising inequality is addressed, many of the targets in the Sustainable Development Goals to be agreed this week at the United Nations will not be met.

Namadak village in Yakwlang district in central Afghanistan has about 500 villagers.  Their main source of income is agriculture like fruit trees, wheat, potatoes and beans.
Farmers yield crops with the help of stored water
  In Shahi village of Panjab district in Bamyan province, people are mostly involved with agricultural activities growing products like wheat, corn, broccoli, barley, lentils and potatoes....

ActionAid reaction to the outcome of the Financing for Development summit

The world’s governments met in Addis Ababa this week to determine how to fund the global fight against poverty and the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the end of the meeting, the member states officially adopted the outcome document, referred to as the Addis Ababa Action Agenda.