ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

About us

ActionAid is an organisation with a mission to work with poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice.

Who we are:

Formed in 1972, we have grown and expanded for over 30 years and now work in over 40 countries worldwide, in partnership with other groups, helping millions of poor and disadvantaged people.

In China we work together with research institutions, the media, and non-governmental organisations and are concerned about the issues facing poor farm households, rural migrant workers and women.

We conduct research and work in the areas of natural resource management, rural finance and eco-agriculture. We also work towards preserving traditional knowledge, as well as fighting the impact of climate change and globalization.

ActionAid China has established Development Areas in 18 counties of 5 provinces in China. We work with rural people in 233 villages in 43 townships to eradicate poverty and develop the rural community.

About 271,000 women, children and poor farmers have directly or indirectly benefited from our work.

ActionAid China's Strategic Objectives:

Strategic Objective 1:

To establish a better rural economy for the poor and marginalized people to help improve their life. We aim to make their community environmentally sensitive as well as social and sustainable.       

Strategic Objective 2:

To build a strong Chinese civil society that can participate in governance at local, national and international levels.

Strategic objective 3:

To foster gender equality in Chinese society, where girls have equal opportunity in education and rural women have equal access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living. We aim to see women with equal access to public services, equal employment and fair wages as well as the opportunity to take part in politics at all levels.

Strategic Objective 4:

To build and maintain the rural area to be a place with beautiful natural scenery, fresh air and clean water, where people enjoy their peaceful lives with their own traditional culture being respected. We wish to see people live an environmental friendly life, where rural and urban communities support each other in building a harmonious human habitat