ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Gansu Province

Actionaid China has established two development areas (DA) in Gansu, and implement projects in Hui county.

- Zhangjianchuan (DA 3)

- Wushan (DA 4)

- Huixian (project area)

What is Actionaid China doing there?

As Gansu is one of the driest area in China, AA China helps farmers to build wells and water channels, tests the suitability of new breeds of potato and strawberry, and increase their ability to adapt to the changing climate.

In Zhangjiachuan, a predominant muslim Hui ethnici minority area, AA China helps the local community to build women's activity center, so that women villagers can learn how to read, receive training in health and agricultural knowledge, and participate in the management of their community.

In Huixian, AA China launched a series of projects on women's rights. Rolling funds are established in dozens of villages to meet the financial need of local villagers.