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Guizhou Province

Actionaid China has established one development area (DA) in this region.

- Leishan (DA 2)

- Zhijin (DA 16)

- Luodian (DA 17)

- Jiangkou (DA 18)

General Information

Leishan county is located in southeast Guizhou province, the second poorest among the 31 provinces of China. Many villagers live in extremely remote mountainous areas, where road infrastructure is very poor.

Many farmers in Guizhou are caught in a vicious circle of poverty and natural resources degradation. Since land resources are extremely scarce, farmers are forced to cultivate steep slopes and cut down forests to clear land for farming, which in turn causes rock desertification and results in serious soil degradation as well as floods.

Over 90% of population in Leishan county are Miao ethnic minorities. Their ethnicity puts them at a disadvantage with the Chinese Han population, in term of education and other aspects. About half of all village women are illiterate or semi-literate.

What is Actionaid China doing?

AA China initiated its programme in Leishan county in 2003. AA China works with local farmers to ensure food security of poor households through sustainable management and use of natural resources and to improve access to drinking water and improving irrigation methods.

Access to basic health services for rural and remote households is also being improved through community based health initiatives.

Moreover Leishan project aims to promote gender equity and create opportunities for minority children to engage in meaningful education.