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Hebei province

Actionaid China has established three development areas (DA) in Hebei Province. 

- Huai'an   (DA 1)

- Chongli   (DA 6)

- Zhangbei  (DA 10)

 General Information  The three counties in Hebei Province are an agricultural area in the northwest of Hebei Province.  For many farmers living there it is difficult to make ends meet. Harsh natural conditions are partly to blame - it is a mountainous and extremely arid area.  Because of frequent drought and rivers' drying up, farmers find it increasingly difficult to secure water for their crops.Another problem is the low quality of public services such as health care and education. Access to health care is very poor and people have to travel long distances to reach the nearest health centre, while county clinic or city hospital is prohibitively expensive for them.  The health situation for women is especially grim too. Many of women villagers have a very low awareness of reproductive health issues, and proper health and hygiene for themselves and their children.

What is Actionaid China doing?

AA China has been working with farmers to develop effective models for sustainable natural resources management that provide food security without endangering the environment.  AA China helps farmers to build wells and water channels, tests the suitability of new breeds of sheep, starts basic processing of their agricultural produce, grow grass for their livestock and build greenhouses to grow potato seedlings.  AA China encourages the farmers to identify their needs as well as to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the projects themselves.  Channels of communication between the farmers and the local government are being strengthened, so that the authorities are more responsive to poor people’s needs.

AA China has trained local women to become a community health worker. They work alongside the village doctors, focusing on health education and prevention.