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Playground facilities, waste storage and toilet flushing system change lives of 87 schoolchildren

In 2010, ActionAid China supported Guiping Primary School to improve overall school environment for 87 students – similar projects were also implemented in two other local primary schools.  Ma Xiaoting, aged 9 from grade 3 of Guiping Primary School explains how she enjoys school much more thanks to ActionAid’s help.

“I used to dislike my school which was dirty - the lavatory was dark, dirty and smelly because there was no water to flush the waste.

We seldom used it and were forced to hold our breath when we did.

“Also, we were not allowed to play on the playground as the basketball stand was broken and the muddy playground always made our clothes dirty.

“What was worse, the rubbish in school was burnt in a school corner and every time the waste would fly everywhere in school even in the air.  We were all very unhappy about this situation.

“But in September of 2010, ActionAid came to our school and asked us what we needed – some other students and I shared our concerns, and asked them to improve our school environment.

“Our dreams were soon realised and all of us were so happy.

“Now, we can play on a clean playground with a new basketball stand. There is no mud anymore, and our clothes are clean every day.

“Also, school lavatories are clean after the instalment of a flushing system.

We no longer have to carry water far away to flush the toilet and hold our breath. We cherish this and we clean it every day.

“Every day after class, we clean our classroom, and we put all the rubbish in our new waste storage, so it won’t fly everywhere in school. It also protects our environment and air.

“I love my school now, and I love school life - I hope I can be a teacher in future and work with children just like us.”