ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Shaanxi Province

AA China has established 4 development areas (DA) in Shaanxi, and in Xi'an is AA China's northwest regional office.

- Xi'an (Northwest Regional Office)

- Yongshou   (DA 5)

- Hanying    (DA 11)

- Lueyang     (DA 13)

- Ningqiang  (DA 14)

General Inforamtion Shaanxi province is a gateway province to northwest China. Like many areas in China, there lack of women's participation in management of village affairs. As one of the driest provinces, rural communitis in Shaanxi often encounter problems such as decreasing farmlands, and and conficts between mining and sustainalbe development.  

What Actionaid China is doing?

 In Hanying and Yongshou, Actionaid China is conducting various programs on women's capacity building, livihood, education, and traditional culture preservation, such as establishment local silkworm association, women's learning center, apple farmers' schoo and etc.

In Lueyang and Ningqiang, where Actionaid China just started to work from this year, programs on natural resouces management, sustainable livelihood, primary educaiton inoovation, and emergency resonses projects are planned and implemented.