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Stable electronic circuit improves lives of 3500 villagers

In rural areas, the electronic circuit usually is not stable enough for people to use – in Lintie Village and Bandun village, the circuit is aging and complicated, causing trouble for villagers.  Wang Xiaolan, 46, explains how the upgrading of a local electricity net and training from ActionAid in September 2010 means that 3500 people in the two villages now have access to stable electricity.


“Power cuts happen a lot and electricity is not stable which can break our electrical appliances such as our electric rice cookers and televisions.

“Moreover, the rice we eat has been shucked before cooking, and the machine also needs electricity.

When we have a power cut, it takes more than one hour on the bus for me to reach the township in order to deal with the rice – this costs time and money.

“Thanks to the upgrading of a local electricity net and related training supported by ActionAid, we now have stable and rich electricity resources to use.

“Now every month, the electricity charge reduces by half - I also no longer have to take rice to the township and I can shuck rice in the village which not only saves me money every month on shucking but also lots of energy on the road.

Women no longer worry about rice shucking and we can use our electronic appliances more than before.

“We don’t have to use trees from our cherished woods as firewood and the stable electricity also protects our appliances from being harmed. Life has become easier for me and all people in my community.

“I’m thinking about buying a rice shucking machine, so I can deal with and eat nutritious rice at home. It will save more money and time.”