Fight against erosion in Kisenso: ActionAid very committed to saving schools

Bruno Ntumbanzondo

"I am very worried about the deterioration of my avenue caused by erosion. I live in ‘Congo Fort’ street in the district of Mbuku in Kisenso.  I no longer go to school easily. From home to my school, I used to walk 10 minutes: Now I have to make a big detour before arriving at my school. I spend 20 minutes more. And because of it, I get especially tired as I leave home without eating anything. We usually eat only once a day, at about 3:00 PM, the parents do not have money to give us three meals a day "said Moses Lufutasi, 4th primary student in E.P. 3 Livulu. 

Apart from his avenue, his school has also been severely affected by these erosions.  To save this school, AADRC has placed in 2015 a water  reservoir and a tank to reduce the pressure of rainwater and thus contain these erosions.

This collector also involved in the welfare of the surrounding families. "My daughters and I used to  travel long distances to fetch water. But since we had been informed of the importance of this water collector, my neighbors and I get every morning to fetch  water from the reservoir for various household chores  thanks to  ActionAid " shared Mom Landu, a resident of Kisenso.

Yet much remains to be done because the infrastructure of the 6 schools built or rehabilitated by AADRC through the 'Super Donation' project are still severely threatened.

AA DRC strives to meet the urgent needs of People affected by such natural disasters mobilizing enormous resources to sustainable solutions. 3000 anti-erosion bags were distributed to small market gardeners  to help them better protect their garden site against flooding and erosion. Additional 500 bags were given to EP 2 MOKILI primary school; also severely threatened by erosion to try stopping it.

To sustain these actions, AADRC provided training on DRR to community leaders in August 2015. After this training, these leaders and their local authorities have developed, with the support of AADRC, their own risks and disaster reduction plan for partner schools and other sites.

 "We are relieved that ActionAid has managed to involve the municipal authorities and gets their commitment to the implementation of this response plan"; shared Mr. Sindani, vice president of UMK, Union of market gardeners of Kisenso.

AADRC is grateful for the solidarity the community demonstrated to build its resilience.