ActionAid DRC (AADRC) has opened its 4th LRP in Kisenso in 2013 , a city very much affected by floods, erosions and landslides, etc...AADRC is running projects and activities in Education; women Rights, disaster risk reduction and food security. For the people who are already suffering poverty and marginalization these disasters are more than they can cope with. During the rainy season (August 2015-May 2016), 13 market garden sites were regularly flooded and all their fields and products completely destroyed that 716 families of about 3580 people depend on leaving them without any food.

Today, several streets which have become inaccessible are about to disappear due to erosion, among others, Avenues de la Paix, de la Savane and Congo Fort.

Schools that 850 students go in Kisenso are also seriously threatened by the erosions caused by the flood.. At the end of 2015 with torrential rain falls, five people including a six month old baby died due to the collapse of their house.

Therefore AARDC strives to meet the urgent needs of these beneficiaries while developing long-term solutions. Following its approach to help people to be resilient to these natural disasĀ­ters, it prepares them to integrate in their joint development plan, reduction methods for the long term of these risks and the emergency response plans. This preparation is also done through constant trainings.


AADRC is also working with the local authorities and political and administrative leaders on sustainable methods of response and the strengthening of their resilience, because we know that good preparation and solid planning can save lives, reduce the impacts of disasters and assist victims to recover more quickly.