Belange Ntumba, 26, is a tailor. She has opened her workshop in the Amba neighbourhood, Commune of Kisenso. Currently, she provides free training for ten other girls.. They are only required to bring their own materials such as fabrics and threads.

As this is a new shop, they do not receive a lot of customers. But they can have a profit of $ 20 per week just enough to have basics for their daily lives.  Belange said, '' For a start, it's good for me. This gives me about 80 dollars a month. When I pay the rent at $ 40; the rest allows us to buy materials and offer us food while we work. "

With time she expects to save a certain percentage for the education of her 5 years’ old son in September 2016. Meanwhile, she uses the earnings from her other activity (the sale of eggs) to provide food for her son and her family: her parents; her two brothers and two aunts. This activity provides her between 1000 and 1500 francs profit daily. She saves 500 francs in a cooperative and uses the rest for her family.

These young girls also assist her in managing the shop when she deals with that other business. Belange learned to be a dressmaker through trainings organized in July 2015 by ActionAid Project called '' Super Donor ‘‘. With the support of the project 1000 young people of Kisenso were trained in auto mechanics, hairdressing and dressmaking. They were also trained in business and trade management.


The objective of this training was to bring empowerment by supporting them to explore their potential and power within to reduce the young people’s unemployment and vulnerability and help them to lead dignified life.