Activista DRC launched on AU Day

Members of Activista DRC at the launch

The United Nations estimates the world’s youth population to be at its highest with about 1.8 billion people aged between 15-29 years.

Known as “Generation Hope”, these group of young people have the potential to cause unprecedented progress and development in the countries they live in by engaging in effective advocacy and campaigning to influence decision-makers and policy formulations.

According to the Global Youth Development Index, published by the Commonwealth Secretariat, despite the potential of the youth to create social and economic change, factors such as extreme poverty, lack of education, discrimination, and many others, are hindering the progress of these potential change makers. ActionAid believes that people have the power to create the change they want to see in their own lives, their families and the communities they live in - and the youth, empowered by ActionAid, can be a catalyst for that change.

This is one of the reasons for the formation of Activista.

Activista is ActionAid’s global youth network made up of more than 50 ActionAid partners and thousands of volunteers. Created in 2010, the Activista Network has an international Activista Coordinator and has developed firmly, expanding to over 25 countries.

On African Union Day 2017, ActionAid DRC, launched its Activista.

Following intense sensitisation workshops and a three-day capacity-building training for over 30 representatives from various youth platforms in North Kivu, South Kivu and the Kinshasa Provinces of the DRC, Activista DRC was commissioned in DRC. 

Led by a 15-member steering committee under the leadership of a National President, Mr. Zozo Sakali and Vice President, Mr. Mark Bahati, Activista DRC has developed a 6-month programme of action to ensure that young people in DRC are mobilised to participate in the development of DRC to promote good governance in DRC.