Africans Rising Movement launched in DRC

A national non-governmental organization, Action de Développement pour les Milieux Ruraux (Action for Development of Rural Areas) ADMR, mobilized over 200 people from civil society movements, human rights defenders, women and youth activists, teachers’ unions, Activista members, religious and traditional authorities, employee unions etc. to sign up and launch the Africans Rising Movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Africans Rising Movement is a pan-African social justice movement made up of people across the African continent and the Diaspora who are coming together for the promotion of justice, peace and dignity on the continent.

The launch of the Africans Rising Movement in DRC took place in Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu Province, which has a population of over 6 million with some participants coming from the North Kivu and Kinshasa Provinces.

The National President of ActionAid DRC’s Activista, Mr. Zoozo, speaking at the launch, reiterated the need for African leaders to create spaces that allow interactions with young people

There should an end to barriers in Africa that separate the young people from leadership

He stated.

To increase the effectiveness of advocacy and campaigns of the Africans Rising Movement, a  five-member steering committee has also been put in place to lead and coordinate activities of the movement with members pledging to advocate and raise the number of the movement to over 4 million in the DRC.

The event was well attended with government showing support of the launch through the presence of a representative of the Governor of South Kivu Province.

Pictures of the launch are below:


File 37504Mr Zoozo, the National President of Activista DRC speaks at the launch


File 37507A representative of the Governor of South Kivu Province pledges their commitment to the Movement

File 37508Members of the National Steering Committee for the Africans Rising Movement in DRC

File 37510Grace Ruvimbo, Youth Advisor based in Uganda speaks at the launch

File 37511

File 37513