No food after being forced to flee for their lives.

Nirere, Goma DRC Kibati Camp
Nirere with her 3 children.
Photo: Jenny Matthews

Nirere, 25, is mother of three children and used to live in Kibumba Village in DRC, but had to abandon her home and flee to Goma in October 2008, with no means of finding food.

Nirere explained, "We had to flee the fighting. It was terrible and many people died in my village. When we ran I lost my husband. I don’t know what happened to him in the panic." 

"I have looked for him every where", she said, "and hope he is safe somewhere and that we can be reunited."

Nirere ended up finding shelter in a school classroom, where some other families had also found refuge, but she still had no way of providing food for her family.

I am finding life very difficult here... I have no husband, so I have no one to help me feed my three children.

They would have gone hungry but luckily ActionAid were able to support the families taking refuge in the classroom, by supplying them with maize, rice, oil, and a kitchen set, as well as blankets and mattresses.

Nirere described, "Conditions here are hard, but at least we have escaped the fighting. This is the third time we have been displaced. How many more times will it have to happen?"

Women like Nirere continue to need urgent food aid at times of crisis such as this when they are suddenly forced to leave home and flee for their lives. Eventually Nirere went to the Kibati camp for the displaced in Goma.