Ruchi Tripathi

I’m specialise in food security, agriculture and women’s rights issues.

Programme Manager, Land, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Defence of Commons

Ruchi Tripathi leads ActionAid’s work promoting sustainable agriculture and control over natural resources for people living in poverty around the world. She works with countries to support rural women to claim access to and support over land and natural resources, and help small-holder farmers secure support from their governments.

Ruchi is a British Citizen of Indian origin and has experience working with ActionAid’s local partners in India to make their voices heard, and previously led ActionAid UK’s work on corporate accountability and trade justice.  She has also worked for Concern Worldwide and helped set up their UK policy and campaigns work, calling on the British Government to provide support to rural women farmers.

Ruchi Tripathi heads up ActionAid International Right to Food theme. Ruchi has worked with ActionAid India supporting advocacy efforts of local partners, and headed up AAUK’s work on corporate accountability and trade justice from a right to food perspective. She also helped set up Concern Worldwide UK’s policy and campaigns work - focused on getting support for women marginal farmers. Ruchi is an Indian citizen who was educated in India, UK, USA and Japan and currently lives in Kent with her husband and two young children.

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