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Uncertainty after Guatemalan elections

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 16:00

There were no surprises during the Guatemalan elections, even before the last polls closed, it was already clear that Jimmy Morales was meant to become the 50th president in the history of Guatemala.

 The morning seemed to be desolate in the polling stations, however by the end of the day 56.32% of the total voting population came out to choose who will be the next president of Guatemala.

 Jimmy Morales, a former comedian, TV writer and with no political background won the elections with a clear advantage of more than one million votes representing 67.44 % of the total voting.

 This has been a year of so many political changes and challenges for Guatemala with a former president and vice president in jail still awaiting criminal sentence, Jimmy Morales will face uncertainty and public scrutiny since the Guatemalan people have demanded change. The big challenge that Jimmy Morales will face for the next four years is to keep the high hopes that the population gave him. Now the Guatemalan citizens know the power they have when they stand up against corruption.

 A big challenge for civil society is to deep the fight against corruption in every government institution and tax collection, since the new government will find an underfinanced state for public service such as basic health and education.