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Head of Finance and Administration

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities:   Key Activities

1. Policy /strategy development/ compliance check and strategic advice

              Updates finance policy on regular basis and as there is change in global FMF or Nicaragua Law and procedures

­              Provides to CMT financial analysis of the last CSP and trend in the next years then develop long term financial plan to achieving CSP’s objectives.

­              Participate in development of fundraising investment plan.

­              Provide advice to Country Director (CD) and CMT on risks and returns for selection of/decision on fundraising investment plans.

­              Draft and propose for approval the National Resource Allocation Framework. (RAF)

­              Draft and updates the Authority Structure for CD approval whenever there is change in management.

­              Participate in international projects/work streams when prompted.

­              Provide financial analysis and reports for National Board to make strategic decisions.

­              Statutory reporting prepare and submit financial report as per statutory requirement.

­              Ensure the taxes/ compulsory deductions are withheld and paid within the time frame as per local law.

2. Plans, Budgets and Forecasts ­             

­              Prepare detailed expenditure budgets and summary budget tables and ensure that they are consistent with the information and formats provided by the Regional Office and ActionAid international.

­              Produce three-year financial plans as required within the agreed timetable.

­              Manage the cash flow process including cash flow planning; cash requirement and disbursement with AAI, partners and donors;

­              Making sure that there is sufficient cash for activity at any time but within the cash balance policy 

3. System (Sunsystem) development and maintenance                 ­             

­              Maintain the integrity of SUN/Vision /TM1 systems and ensure regular backups of SUN to minimize risk impact of loss of data.

­              Ensure finance staff are properly and adequately trained on SUN /Vision / TM1 and are able to maximize use of the systems especially for designing of reports using vision. 

­              Ensure TM1 database information is up to date and reconciled at all times to the local ledger.

­              Ensure availability of relevant user training manuals to all finance staff.

4.  Enable administrative action to support program implementation.      ­             

­              Check compliance to procurement policies.

­              Review contract with suppliers to make sure that term and conditions on finance are in line with policy/practice

­              Oversee general supervision of fixed assets inventories and its maintenance.

­              Oversee general maintenance of the building office and other facilities.

­              Oversee general maintenance of vehicles

­              Develop and implement safety & security plans and procedures based on AAI Security Policies and Principles and in line with local legal and contextual requirements.

­              Coordinate and arrange safety and security trainings and orientations for staff proportionate to the risk they face. 

­              Assume as focal person for Security.

­              Provide safety & security induction to visitors, and new and existing staff.

­              Provide security support and coordination for staff and visitors travelling in and out of the country (Travel Security Coordination), including pre travel briefing and risk assessment, and emergency support etc.

5. Financial Reporting     ­             

­              Produce timely and accurate financial reports monthly to local management of the programme.

­              Ensure that accurate and timely financial and management reports are prepared and issued to the Country Director / Head of Programme/, donors, and AA International as specified in the ActionAid International Financial Policies and Management Framework.

­              Produce accounts for the quarters of March, June, September and December for submission to the Regional Office within the agreed timetable.

­              Produce statutory year-end accounts, annual reports and half yearly reports under AAI and AAI accounting policies and as required by local legislation.

­              Produce timely and accurate reports to donors as required.

­              Prepare and submit reports to the Board, Treasurer and Finance and Audit Committee (s) as will be agreed and scheduled. (where Board exist)

­              Ensure that effective systems are in place to allow adequate financial monitoring.

­              Ensure period end / year end processing aspects are adhered to such as the following: Cut-of date, depreciation processing, accruals & provision, prepayment allocations and other accounting adjustments in compliance to GAAP.

6. Capacity building on financial management/policy       ­             

­              Design/deliver training courses/materials as per need and or requirements.

­              Design and deliver induction on finance. Policy/procedures to new staff (and board where exist).

­              Assess partner’s financial system for selection.

­              Review financial reports of partners and do periodically financial monitoring of partners

­              Provide training to partner on financial management

7. Audit and risk management   ­             

­              Ensure that a sufficient audit trail is maintained for all transactions at the CP.

­              Establish an internal audit function and develop a systematic internal audit program covering all of AAI - operations to ensure that adequate control systems are being maintained.

­              Liaise closely with both the internal and external auditors to ensure that audit timetables and guidelines are adhered to.

­              Provide full support & co-operation to internal and external auditors and implement any changes recommended by them once agreed.

­              Ensure proper follow up and implementation of agreed recommendations by both internal and external auditors.

­              Work closely with the internal audit unit to ensure staff in the unit is well acquainted with the finance unit systems and processes. This will include initial induction and training of the internal audit staff..

8. Recruitment,-on-boarding and exit management        ­             

­              Set up and follow up mechanisms for the timely identification of staffing gaps within the organizational structure, making recommendations on key issues to management

­              Seek approval to fill vacant positions & recommend the method of recruitment (Either open or internal advertising, head hunting)

­              Develop and participate in the implementation of recruitment tools and processes (e.g. shortlisting tools, interviewing tools, invitation templates etc)

­              Prepare recruitment report(s) in line with completed recruitment exercises and lead the implementation of key actions in line with approved recruitment report

­              Lead and participate in the process of induction, placement, re-deployment/ transfer, and deployment in line with the Organization’s HR Policy

­              Coordinate the conducting of and reporting on exit interviews with leaving staff to facilitate the improvement of the organisation

9. Grant management   Proposal stage:

- Prepare budget template that include cost norms;

- Support BH in preparing budget when required and review afterward.

- Identify co-funding sources.

Contract negotiation stage:

- Review financial terms and conditions (payment; derogation etc.) in donor contract before signing by C/ED;

- Check if budget amount in contract is the same as stated in proposal.

Implementation stage:

- Summarizes Donor Rules and Requirements.

- Design budget code; report templates.

- Together with IPD organise inception workshop for project team and partners.

- Make claim to donor as per schedule and keep track on grant debtor (amount claimed but not yet paid by donor).

- Prepare Project Management Accounts in the format and currency of donor.

- Prepare project financial report to submit to donor.

- Check the compliance to donor policies.

- File accounting documents related to project for audit or future reference.

Project closer and audit:

- Make sure the project closure checklist is in place and followed.

- Ensure the audit process is running smoothly.

10. Representation         ­             

­              Participation in international meeting/workshops or network with regard to finance, human resource, IT and administrative themes within and outside AA.

­              Participate in meeting, delegated by CD, with national organisations, governmental institutions, donors, alliances and coalitions.

Salary: 1,800 - 2,100 USD per month
Contract: Full timeLocation: Managua, NicaraguaClosing date: May 15th 2015

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    Nombre de la Consultoría

    Producción de video promocional del programa People4Change en Nicaragua con subtítulos en inglés.

    Objetivo de la Consultoría

    Producir un  video promocional de 15 minutos sobre el programa People4Change en Nicaragua con subtítulos en inglés.

    Duración de la consultoría

    La consultoría tendrá una duración  de 3 semanasincluyendo el período de trabajo in situ, a partir de la firma del contrato.


    El ó la consultora deberá disponer de sus propios medios para realizar el video  (Cámara, micrófono, entre otros) y contar con su espacio de trabajo. 

    La Oferta Técnica-Financiera (OTE)  y su CV deberán ser enviadas a las siguientes direcciones:

    Correo electrónico:

    A más tardar el día domingo 24.11.2013

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