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Fekerte motivated and encouraged

Friday, July 3, 2015 - 15:55

Fekerte Kinfe, 13, is a girl student of grade 7 at Awurada Primary School at Decha Woreda, Southern Region of Ethiopia. She is one of the mini media club members and unrecognized outstanding female student in her academic talent. She attentively follows her lessons but her family did not know about her talent. What they know about their child was that she will be promoted to the next grade at the end of the academic year. Even Fikirte herself did not know her potentials and considered herself inferior to male students as this is the accepted norm.By taking into account the challenges faced by girl students and the need to empower girls and their families, ActionAid Ethiopia’s Decha CCDP organized an event to empower girls and to let them be aware about their potentials.A program was organized for awarding or rewarding outstanding female students and recognizing their achievements and also to encourage other girls to achieve better results. Accordingly, ActionAid picked 50 outstanding female students from 10 schools and awarded them reference books and mobile apparatus at public gatherings. Fikerte was one of the award recipients. Receiving the award, Fekerte said, “Now my reward at a public gathering by ActionAid proved me that I am not inferior to anybody else. My academic excellence did not mean anything to the school community and to my parents up until this time. I scored the highestgrades. Nobody recognized my performance except to issue me a promotion card. Even my parents did not care to look into my certificate. They onlyasked me if I was promoted to the next grade. When I received my reward in public, my father and mother were filled with joy and amazement. Immediately, my father organized a social function at our home and shared his joy with neighbors. He honored me with wonderful new clothes and expressed his appreciation over my successes. Our neighbors and relatives congratulated me over my academic successes and showered praises on me. They also blessed me with various gifts includingmoney with which to buy pens and exercise books. Since then, my family started to give me specialrespect and I am very happy about this.Moreover, my father has begun to closely follow my studies and he promised me to buy me more clothes at the end of the academic year if I continue to perform well. I promised to do even better and to improve my performance by 5 % next time. My friends’ families also asked my parents to allow me to study with their children and we are now studying in groups for the common good of all. I hope more girls could achieve better results in the coming years and the attitude of parents towards the education of their girl children will be also changed significantly.” The public reward organized by ActionAid made Fekerte very much happy. She was increasingly motivated and encouraged. In relation to this, Fekerte explained, “This year remains memorable in my life. I received the reward that made me extremely happy. I envision becoming the first female doctor in our district and I am very much eager to help patients in this community.”