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Aberu coming out of poverty

Aberu coming out of poverty

letekidan.berhane 25 June 2015

Aberu Tumay lives in  Hugumburda area of Ofla, AAE’s CCDP in the Tigray Regional State. She is 31 and married with  two children. Her children are attending their schools in Korem high school and Endedo elementary school in her village. She is the Chair Women of a women saving and credit cooperative supported by ActionAid.

She is mainly engaged in rearing sheep, the parents of which were supplied by AAE. She was provided with four sheep and transferred the first four offspring to fellow women in her cooperative. The number of her sheep has now grown to14.

Abreu says, “I am a member of a traditional saving group called “Equb” formed together with my neighbors and I am saving 200 birr (equivalent to 20 USD) per month with credits from the group. I have opened a mini bar where I sell tea, soft drinks, food and traditional liquors. Currently, I have also started a new business of pool game, for young people and I am earning 25-30 birr (two to three USD) daily. The pool-game equipment were bought for more than 9,000 birr  all from my sAavings.”

Abreu eldest son, Kahsay Baraki, manages the poo game after class. Abreu has also hired a bar tender and a shepherd to help in her business.

Aberu went on to say,” I am now capable of saving with two  women saving and credit cooperatives. All my family members including my husband have also started saving on their own.

“Before the advent of AAE, I was a house wife. Now, everything has changed. I am managing diverse businesses and decide on how to spend the incomes. I am economically well-off now. My involvement in the cooperatives led to my election to the counsel of people’s representative. This gives me the mandate to fight issues that affect lives of women living in poverty in my area. I aspire to own a big restaurant in the near future. I will also expand my  other business. Thanks to the AAE/ pharo foundation project that opened our eyes I and fellow women in the cooperatives are overcoming poverty.”