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Emergency response

Emergency response

letekidan.berhane 17 March 2016

ActionAid supplies 4.5 million as emergency response

ActionAid Ethiopia supplies emergency food to 13,500 EliNon affected people in Girar Jarso and Ankober woredas in Oromiya and Amhara Regional States, respectively.

ActionAid‘s support of worth 4537,650 (about 226,882.5 USD) came as immediate response to project proposals from its partner organizations operating in the areas , namely  ANPPCAN Ethiopia and  PADeT respectively.  ANNPCAN reported that 7000 children, women, and other vulnerable groups sought emergency response while PADeT reported 6500  are seeking immediate support.

ActionAid country Director, Jemal Ahmed   signed  the support agreement  of birr 2,353.450  and  2.184.200with Workayehu Bizu, ANNPCAN Ethiopia Executive Director   and     Amare Worku, Executive Director  of PADeT,  27 November 2015.

Speaking during the signing of the agreement, Ato Jemal said that AAE’s mission informs   the immediate response to support people affected.  He said that ActionAid participated in   the need assessment followed the emergency tips from partners and that it values its partnership even more in handling such emergency situation. He noted the need to work in a transparent and just way during the food distribution.

Jemal further emphasized that women’s participation both as part of the process of food distribution and as beneficiaries need to be given due attention. Speaking on their parts, both Ato Workayehu   and     Ato Amare  appreciated AAE’s immediate response both participating  during the process to verify the emergency situation and during the discussions  on strategies and processes of  handing out the support  as well as  in it timely response to the problem.

Both ANNPCAN and PADeT  agreed to maintain separate financial documents to record utilization of  the emergency  funds received from ActionAid and to submit execution reports  according to  format and timetables that  ActionAid sets.This immediate support is supposed to avail food grain, pulses and edible oil to the most affected people for the period of December 1, 2015 to January 15, 2016. AAE is also committed to continue to extend second and third level supplies based on the severity  of the situation and availability of the funds.

The medium and long term supports are planned to be carried out through raising additional fund from international humanitarian organizations and ActionAid International 


Photo: letekidan