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Making up for lost time

Making up for lost time

letekidan.berhane 23 July 2015

Kopi Abreha, 32, is a leader of a vibrant Women Watch Groups that ActionAid initiated in Ofla Woreda of Tigray Regional State. The groups’ extraordinary performance in transforming Hashenge into HTPs and violence free zone has earned the group an award from the Ofla government. 

Kopi is a female house head from Hashenge area in Ofla woreda of Tigray, AAE’s CCDP. She has led the Hashenge Women Group for about five years now. The mother of three is a model farmer and an inspirational leader against harmful practices. Kopi is also the leader of Hashenge women flock rearing project funded by Faro Foundation as well as the association of fishers in her area. She has been practicing exemplary leadership mobilizing her community on traditional practices harmful to women and supporting women and youth in the area out of acute poverty through the cooperatives she leads.

Her multiple exemplary leadership roles as a woman grassroots community leader qualified Kopi for an experience sharing trip to Malawi, March 2015.  She says that her Malawi experience boosted her awareness and confidence.

Asked how she balances the responsibilities as leader and member of many associations and the project, Kopi said, ”I purposefully engage in as many associations to make up for the time I wasted before I got the awareness about advantages of  involvement in similar associations. My daughters support me in the house chorus while my colleagues are a big support in the cooperatives.”

The women sheep raring project initiated in Ashenge area of ofla over four years ago supports 300 women. According to Kopi, members have managed to own up to 17 flocks so far. Kopi for one has 15 sheep as compared to none over four years ago. ‘I received four sheep as one of the first round beneficiaries of restocking project. I was able to transfer four offerings of these and now own 15 more. This doesn’t include what I killed in celebrations of holidays.’ 

Photo: Letekdian Berhane