ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


Our focus on education helps children  living in poverty to access quality basic education. We’re working with communities to improve access to education for out-of-school children in remote and inaccessible rural areas.

Our work in Education  during the CSP IV (2012 -2017) will be geared towards  ensuring quality education through a consistent focus on the enhancement of the teaching/learning process and the transformation of the school into a motivational and child‐friendly learning environment particularly for girl students through the Promoting Quality in Schools (PQS) principles. Likewise, emphasis will be given to initiate and promote community based early childhood education as this is one of neglected areas. We intend to be pioneers and build excellence in this area.

We believe that the provision of compulsory primary education is ultimately a state responsibility. Hence, AAE will work to empower communities so that they work towards accessing quality education, participate in school governance   and at the same time influence the government to ensure access to education quality at all levels.In so doing, we will build on our grass root experience and eventually link it to the national level work partnering with teachers union and education networks to influence educational policies at all levels.

AAE Country Strategic Plan Four (CSP IV) contains four mission objectives and six change promises that may guide the whole organizational engagement from 2012 – 2017. Education falls under Mission objective 2 and change Promise 3 within the CSP IV.

Mission Objective 2: Organized and empowered people living in poverty to influence and secure quality public education Organized and empowered communities draw resources to enhance access to quality basic education and demand responsiveness from duty bearers in terms of ensuring the provision of educational services  and budgeting.

Change Promise 3: By 2017 over 134,000 children (50% girls) secured equal access to quality basic education Millions of school aged children do not enroll in schools and those who are enrolled into schools particularly girls do not complete primary education for various reasons. Access to quality education is one of the overarching factors that inhabit children from being retained in school. Interventions are thus designed with the aim of empowering communities to  address quality issues,  Early childhood education and school governance to contribute to the overall goal of securing public education in the coming five years. We will also use evidence from our country programmes in these areas to bring about change in  national policies and practice.

  • In order to realize this promise, AAE is committed to work with communities, PTAs/SMCs, teachers’ unions/associations, networks and government institutions by playing a catalyzing role between the demand and supply sides through the following key actions;. • Supporting the transformation of schools and make them girls friendly through the Promoting of Quality in   Schools (PQS) principles.• Supporting community initiatives to promote Community Based Early Childhood Education programmers.• Supporting and  increasing the participation of SMCs and PTAs and empower them to strengthen school governance and  promote access to quality basic education;• Supporting national and regional dialogues between teachers’ unions and/or education networks and others to deal with issues and practices that have a bearing on education quality