ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Primary healthcare and HIV/Aids

Ethiopia has one of the largest populations of HIV infected people in the world. Adult HIV prevalence is currently estimated to be between 1.4% and 2.8%.  Ethiopia’s HIV/AIDS epidemic pattern continues to be generalized and heterogeneous with marked regional variations.

In a quarter of a century, HIV has spread relentlessly from a few scattered locations to almost every corner of the country. The epidemic is higher in small towns and market centres.

These small towns may be HIV hot-spots that have been neglected in HIV prevention efforts to date. Women and girls continue to be affected disproportionately, with women accounting for approximately 59% of HIV/AIDS infections and HIV/AIDS is still the leading cause of death and illness in women of reproductive age.

Our work is therefore to contribute to the realisation of a poverty-free Ethiopia, where women and men use their potential and live in dignity by curtailing the impact of HIV/AIDS on human suffering and socio-economic development.

Our work concentrates on poor people with separate emphasis on women and girls as the most vulnerable, and the key duty bearers.

To realise this broad objective, we have three pillars for action: 


We support and promote the scaling and strengthening of the Community-Based AIDS Programme (CBAP) a modified version of Societies Tackling AIDS through Rights (STAR).

We work with and through networks, forums and government for integration of CBAP/STAR as a core HIV/AIDS work in Ethiopia.

People Living With HIV/AIDS

People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) will be able to claim and secure the right to Anti Retro Viral medicines and ensure universal access to ARV, employment opportunities, care and support for health and productive life. Under this pillar we do the following activities:

  • Support and strengthen networks and associations of PLHIV and Women Living with HIV/AIDS (WLHIV) to demand and secure comprehensive care, support and treatment
  • Build the capacity of networks and associations of PLHIV and WLHIV to promote and ensure full Involvement of Peoples living with HIV/ AIDS in key development and HIV/AIDS decisions and processes
  • Support and work primarily with network and associations of WLHIV to fight violence against women

Safe water, basic sanitation

We aim to ensure that poor people, women and girls are free from the sufferings arising from lack of safe water, basic sanitation & mal-health practices.

To alleviate the pressing problem of communities, we’ve aggressively engaged in availing safe water supplies to rural communities and improving their access to potable water which positively impacts on improving their health and sanitation status.