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Meta Conteh talks about how ActionAid's food distribution has supported her

Monday, August 13, 2012 - 14:37

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‘’My name is Meta Conteh I live in Kudang village in Niamina East District Central River Region south and am 60 years of age. My husband died and left me with 5 children (2 males and 3 female) some of whom are now married. I have benefited from the rice support [donated by ActionAid] to the most vulnerable people in my community. Every year I do farming and even last year I cultivated rice during the cropping season. Due to insufficient rainfall I  lost greater percentage of my  harvest and what I harvested was only sufficient for me and my family for only  3 months of the year.

The rice support [by ActionAid] came at a time when I had nothing with me.  I received 48.75kg of rice which served us for a month. My   family have few other means of support and there is nobody among my family who is employed.  I really appreciate the support.  It has boosted my moral in the community because I haven’t borrowed loan, the payment of  which could be a problem for me and my family in future. I still want ActionAid to continue the support to me and the family. Thank you for the support’’ .