ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

About ActionAid International The Gambia

ActionAid works with poor people in over 40 countries across the world. Our goal? To end poverty. We believe in doing things differently. We know that with the right opportunities, poor people will find their own solutions - and build new lives.

About The Gambia

The smallest country on the African continent, The Gambia has enjoyed a largely stable, peaceful history since we became independent. With its glorious beaches, stunning scenery and exotic wildlife, it’s a popular tourist destination.

But for most of our 1.8 million people, the luxury holiday resorts belong to another world. Unemployment is high, and about a third of Gambians live below the poverty line, scraping by on less than US$1.25 a day. 

Three-quarters of the population depend on agriculture to get by, but suitable farmland is limited. Drought is becoming more common too – rainfall here has dropped by 30% in 30 years.

About ActionAid

ActionAid International The Gambia (AAITG) is an Affiliate Member of ActionAid International (AAI) – a global movement of people working to further human rights for all and defeat poverty.


  • ActionAid International The Gambia (AAITG) is a member of ActionAid International
  • Started operating in The Gambia in 1979 working with rural communities to address poverty
  • Underwent various strategic shifts in programming from inception to date
  • Is an Affiliate of the global ActionAid Federation. We have a General Assembly and Board of Directors. 
  • Is currently using the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to development where more emphasis is laid on accountability, learning and planning by and with the poor and marginalized. Through this process, the poor and marginalized are empowered to hold duty bearers accountable for the required services and development policy interventions thereby engendering transparency, accountability, learning and eventual sustainability of development interventions
  • We operate in three Local Rights Programmes in Niamina West, Niamina Dankunku and Niamina East districts in the Central River Region and in Upper Niumi in the North Bank Region.


What Is AAITG's General Assembly?

The General Assembly is AAITG's highest governance authority through which the representatives of the stakeholders participate to realize the ActionAid Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Why Do We Need A General Assembly?

  • This is a requirement of the AAI Federation as part of the 'internationalization process. It gives AAITG a dual identity as an international and a national self-governing legal entity with a degree of autonomy. The aim of this process is to increase our cohesiveness as one international organization along with enhanced legitimacy at the national level
  • The AAI International Federation recommends a 2-tier governance structure at the national levels of its members. This involves establishing a General Assembly and a national Board. The Assembly delegates powers of governance to the Board which then becomes accountable to the General Assembly. AAITG is governed and administered, through policy and strategic direction by a Board which is elected by and from the Assembly.

How Were The Members Selected?

  • Members are selected as independent individuals recognized for their expertise and exceptional qualities. However, ten percent of the memberships are representatives of partner organizations working with AAITG. In line with the Constitution, the initial members of the General Assembly have been selected by the Board but subsequent members shall be elected by the General Assembly during AGMs.

 Who Are The Members Of The General Assembly?

  • The Board approved a list of twenty-five members comprising of Agricultural, Governance, Education, Human Security, Health Finance, Women' Rights, Legal, Communications, and Development experts.

 What is the Board of Directors of AAITG?

  • The Board of Directors governs and administers the affairs of AAITG. Membership of the Board, half of which are representatives from groups, communities and movements of the poor and marginalized from all parts of the country, is governed by the Companies Act of The Laws of The Gambia in force and the AAITG Constitution.

 Key reasons Why We Need A Board?

  • To ensure AAITG's compliance with affiliation agreement
  • To determine and uphold the values, mission, identity, policies and standards of the organization
  • To ensure that the necessary structure, staff, resources and capacity for AAITG are in place
  • To ensure that measures such as audits, reviews and capacity strengthening are taken to protect and develop the organization
  • To actively engage to support profile building, fundraising and advocacy work
  • To ensure accountability to poor and marginalised people, communities, donors and other stakeholders
  • To represent both AA International and AAITG in the country wherever necessary and select/elect and induct new members onto the Board.

Board Committees

Three Board Committees have been setup to facilitate the Board's work: The Finance and Audit, Board Development and Fundraising Committees consist of Board members and coopted staff who have no voting powers on the decisions of the Committee

Our program objectives in the 2013-2017 strategy

  • Promote sustainable agriculture and control over natural resources for people living in poverty
  • Improve the quality of public education for all children  and support youth to become drivers of change towards a poverty-free planet
  • Ensure that women and girls can break the cycle of poverty and violence, build economic alternatives and claim control over their bodies
  • Contribute to the eradication of HIV&AIDS and malaria by supporting the elimination of new infections, providing are and support through evidence based services.

 The two other mission objectives:

  • Advance the political influence of people living in poverty to hold governments and corporates accountable and
  • Build the resilience of people living in poverty to conflicts and disasters and respond to disasters with people-centered, rights based alternatives cut across all the four objectives


                                             Our new brand essence: ‘The Power in People’.


It’s about the ‘power’ within ActionAid supporters, staff and partners who all play their part in creating purposeful action for justice and development


It’s about all of us – taking action for a better world.