ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Where we work

ActionAid the Gambia’s work is concentrated mainly in the Local Rights Programm areas known as LRPs which serve as pilot areas for innovative work for the country programme.

We work with Strategic Objective (SO) leads to implement the strategic priorities on our country strategy paper.This approach enables us to ground poverty eradication work to reach and closely work with poor and excluded people based on their specific circumstances.

We believe that an end to poverty and injustice can be achieved through purposeful individual and collective action, led by the active agency of people living in poverty and supported by solidarity, credible rights-based alternatives and campaigns that address the structural causes and consequences of poverty.

We are currently working in three LRPs in Niamina East, Niamina West in the Central River Region and Upper Niumi in the North Bank Region. LRPs provide ActionAid International The Gambia's the opportunity to raise sponsorship income to fund major poverty eradication work and are a major source of poverty data (both quantitative and qualitative) to inform programme and policy work.We ensure that the LRPs are closely monitored to ensure that learning points are captured, used and shared widely.The LRPs implement activities on Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Women’s Rights, HIV, Malaria and AIDS, Governance and Conflict and Emergencies.