ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

About us

Ghana was the first African nation to gain independence – in 1957. Ghana is home to over 25 million people. Seventy per cent of Ghana’s people depend on subsistence farming to survive. Droughts and floods are common, and many families regularly experience severe food shortages.

ActionAid in Ghana

ActionAid began operating in Ghana in 1990 and now works with more than One Million (1,000,000) people living in 279 communities in the Upper East, Upper West, Northern, Brong Ahafo, Volta and Greater Accra regions.

ActionAid Ghana supports the basic needs and rights of the poor. We do not impose solutions but work with communities to strengthen their own efforts, making the most of their knowledge and experience, to improve their access to services. We also work with government, community groups, partners and others to make policies that enhance the qualtity of life or change policies and practices that affect their lives negatively. 

ActionAid Ghana uses a rights based approach (that is working within the human rights framework) to development to help build peoples power to hold duty bearers to account, protect the rights of the poor and vulnerable with the hope of eradicating poverty.

ActionAid Ghana's work in the women's rights theme focuses on women in leadership, violence against girls and womenand women empowerment. 

ActionAid Ghana invests heavily in education. Our emphasis is on securing girls' and women's right to education, access for excluded groups, adequate resources for education, and works to ensure participation, transparency and accountability in the education sector. We support basic education and have succeeded in increasing access to formal education.

In the food rights and climate change theme, we support women groups and communities to increase their yields, increase household food security by training farmers in modern agronomic practices. We also ensure that our communities have access to safe drinking water by constructing wells and mini dams to lengthen the period of cultivation throughout the dry season. We also support communities with grain banks to store excess harvest for use during the hunger period.

Ghana is the first country programme to become an Associate of ActionAid International with a local Board membership of 13, launched on 4th March 2005.