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Women in Leadership Training Manual for Assembly Women and Women leaders

ActionAid Ghana (AAG), in collaboration with the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS), developed this manual to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and to facilitate training of women to participate more effectively in local level decision making. The Training Manual is designed to prepare potential Assembly women and women’s groups for effective participation in Metropolitan, Municipal, District and other Assembly processes.

The main objective of the manual is to provide a tool for equipping participants with the requisite skills and knowledge to enable them to participate confidently and effectively in local decision making processes. The ultimate aim is to increase the number of female Assembly members in the country, and to ensure their effectiveness in the Assemblies and in other leadership roles. The manual advocates participatory training methods and adopts adult learning techniques. The sessions consist of a mix of presentations, role playing, group discussions, case studies and experience sharing.

The manual is divided into two (2) parts with seventeen (17) modules. The first part focuses on the content of the District Assembly and the way it functions and the second part focuses on the relevant skills and knowledge women need to engage with the Assembly and other institutional structures and processes.