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Emergencies & Conflict

Our main focus is to prevent conflicts and build resilience

Partisan politics, chieftaincy, religion and ethnic conflicts all pose threats to peace and security in Ghana.

Some areas in Ghana have been experiencing protracted chieftaincy-related conflicts, sometimes resulting in violence and the loss of lives and property. Violent conflicts in Ghana are normally restricted to geographic locations but their related tensions are often felt in many parts of the country.

We see that poor people, women and children are the worst affected in situations of conflict and emergencies and so we work to restore, secure or protect their rights.

Our approach to peace and emergencies is pro-active rather than re-active. We’re promoting innovative approaches in preventing conflict, particularly with the youth. When conflict occurs, it facilitates and strengthens the involvement of women in peace building.

As part of our work in emergencies, we work with local governments and communities to reduce the vulnerability of poor people to natural and man-made disasters.

The emergency strategy that we use seeks to:

  • reduce the hazards that threaten poor people
  • alleviate and address the causes of conflict and promote peace
  • build people’s resilience to conflict and emergencies
  • protect rights and ensure security in Conflict and emergencies
How we work on emergencies
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