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Food rights

Small scale farmers constitute the largest group of poor people

Food is a human right protected by the Convention on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights, to which Ghana is a signatory.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the Ghanaian economy and the livelihood for a great many of our country’s people. It’s the source of raw materials for industries, the main foreign exchange earner and also the main source of food security for the country. So agriculture a huge priority for us because of the potential it has to lift the lives of people out of poverty.

The main focus of our work around food is to:

  • work with small scale farmers to promote access and control of productive resources
  • support small scale farmers to develop strong and effective farmer groups to increase their power and voice
  • conduct high-quality policy research to look at structural constraints within the agriculture sector for poor farmers
  • facilitate links between grassroots activism to national and international action by civil society, particularly on the issue of trade.

Additionally, we provide skills, contacts and resources that poor farmers, particularly women, can use to increase their productivity, take advantage of existing market opportunities and challenge unfair policies and trade regimes.

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