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An estimated 240,000 people live with HIV in Ghana out of an estimated country’s population of 22 million people. Over 160,000 children have been orphaned by AIDS in Ghana.

HIV/AIDS awareness has increased significantly in Ghana, but this hasn’t translated into desirable behavioural change. It is still a highly stigmatised disease.

Our work on HIV and Aids in Ghana focuses on:

  • reducing stigma and discrimination
  • strengthening organisations of people living with HIV/AIDS to claim their rights for care and support
  • working with people living with HIV/AIDS and other people involved to campaign for equitable and increased domestic resources allocated for HIV/AIDS
  • facilitating, lobbying and supporting the establishment of voluntary counselling and testing to promote behaviour change, among the youth in particular

Our HIV/AIDS work is integrated in the regional programmes where they are relevant. These programmes focus on achieving:

  • the meaningful participation in relevant programmes and policies of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • strong voices of people living with HIV/AIDS, demanding rights and accountability from the government on its obligations and commitments
  • increased community access to information, skills and knowledge on gender and power relations

We’re using innovative participatory community methods that help people to understand, open up and end discrimination against AIDS, as well as finding solutions to problems they face.

These methods include:

  • Stepping Stones: a communication and behaviour-change tool that seeks to address change in attitude and behaviour by improving communication among women, men, girls and boys
  • STAR: a participatory technique integrating two approaches, Stepping Stones and Reflect, which is being used to link people’s realities to rights hence help them understand and claim their rights