ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Lascahobas, Plateau

Actionaid Haiti started its activities in Lascahobas, DA 5 in 2005 with Cosadh (Coordination for actions in health and Haiti’s development) in Central Plateau.

Lascahobas is located in the centre part of Haiti in the Central Plateau Department and is divided into two rural sections: Ti Fond and Juampas. We are working in Lascahobas because close to 55,000 people are living in conditions of extreme poverty. They have no access to safe drinking water, education coverage and health care. Their main language is Haitian Creole, but a lot of people in Lascahobas speak or understand Spanish because they share the border with the Dominican Republic.

The main activities carried out by our partner in this area that we support are in education and food rights with women's right being a transversal matter in all activities. One of the major education actions undertaken in this area is the ongoing construction of a community school in Loncy that will serve 500 children with classes in the mornings and afternoons. The food right activities are characterized by the empowerment of women and the expansion of small-scale farmers’ income by promoting financially viable micro-enterprises whilst at the same time supporting the emergence of a social movement capable of advocating community rights to basic social and economic services.