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Grand Anse, Jeremie

Actionaid Haiti started its activities in Roseaux in 2007 with KPGA (Peasant organization of Grand-Anse) in Jeremie.

Roseaux (located in the Grand-Anse Department) is located in the South part of Haiti and is divided into localities: Jacquet (1st), Fonds-Cochon (2nd), Grand-Vincent (3rd) and Gommier (4th). We are working in Roseaux because the majority of the population has an income level of just  US $100 per year due to a decline of local agricultural production. In addition they have no access to safe drinking water, education coverage and health care. Their main language is Haitian Creole.

The main activities carried out by our partner in this area that we support are in food rights and advocacy with women's right being a transversal matter in all activities. One of the major actions that people of Roseaux participated actively in is the awareness-raising and advocacy in the field of food security and related issues through the KABAgrangou (HungerFREE) campaign. The Roseaux area is an excellent case for policies to promote food security and sovereignty for Haiti.  While inhabitants’ remain poor due to isolation and a lack of access to basic social services, the agricultural potential of the area is extremely rich.