ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


Actionaid Haiti started its activities in Vallue in 2010 with APV (Association des Paysans de Vallue).

Vallue is located in the West part of Haiti and is home to 13,000 people. Their main language is Haitian Creole.

Our objectives for this new development area are to mobilize farmers and transform them into an organized force. The primary goal is to reinforce leadership, capacity of lobbying and to undertake activities of allowing farmers to defend their fundamental human rights and to influence decisions. The main areas of intervention are: education, health, potable water, agriculture, food processing, road infrastructure, housing and tourism.

Last year, AAH supported the replacement of one of the schools that was destroyed during the 2010 earthquake. The school is now receiving 350 students in the nearby communities. 

The school garden project pilot aims to create an income to cover the salaries of the teachers in the school. And in three months the garden would be able to support 30 families. Furthermore, the students are learning more about agriculture and it's importance.

In the future, AAH would like to replicate this school garden project in 12 other schools in Vallue, Haiti.