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Women in Politics for Better Governance

Monday, August 10, 2015 - 00:00

The women in Jeremie, Grand Anse are advocates of women’s rights and through their trainings in leadership with KPGA they have taken the initiative to get involved in politics in their respective communities. They aim to inspire change and encourage, not just women, but everyone.

Louisiane Nazaire, one of the promising advocates has always been involved in organizations and community movements. She is considered as a big accomplishment for KPGA as one of the women members of the organization to enter the elections.  She will be, for the first time, an official candidate for the local and national elections.  

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For Louisiane, the women and especially those who are members of the organization need to be involved in the fight for changing their country. The reforms she would like to make are:

1) Agriculture:  Haiti is a country that is and should be based in agriculture. However it is missing a lot of budget and initiative for making agriculture a big source of economy. We need to allocate budget in agricultural activities and programs.

2) Women’s rights: We need to enforce women in every domain. Women represent the 55% of population but there are only 2% of women in the parliament. Women need to lead the fight for their rights. They should not participate just for participating but they should be in positions where they can take decisions and make change happen.

With so few women involved in politics, Louisiane is not scared to enter a male dominated space. She wants to enter the House of Representatives. In fact, she is thankful for the trainings with KPGA and that through this that she learned to take initiative, be strong and to fight for her rights. As a mother of two, she is very proud of her children and happy that they can join her campaigns for the elections. Her children are both supportive of her decision to run for a position in the lower parliament.  

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We chose Louisiane for candidate because she is one of us, a farmer woman. We know she will fight for our rights to be respected. It is important to have women in politics. Women understand women’s problems better.  

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The women in the community support her and believe in her initiative and guidance. “One day we want to have a woman who is President of Haiti”, they say.  

ActionAid Haiti supports women's initiatives and aims to promote women empowerment in true community spirit.