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Empowering Women and Celebrating the International Day of Rural Women 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015 - 11:15

Together with Fanm Deside and other local organizations in Fonds Jean Noel, ActionAid Haiti celebrated the International Day of Rural Women last Saturday, October 17, 2015. Over 100 rural women participated and received vegetable seeds to help them in their small farms.

Empowering women, especially the rural women can create a lot of good changes for the communities that will trigger more positive outcomes for the local economy. Women make up more than fifty percent of the population in Haiti and represent a powerful force in the labor sector. And yet, most women are discriminated, not given equal opportunities and are misrepresented despite their contribution in increasing the countries’ economic productivity.

File 31554Rural women gathering together

Rural women from different communities gathered together and expressed their concern on the lack of health care, violent acts against them and their rights as a woman to make their own decisions and participate in the local government.

ActionAid advocates for women’s rights and encourage women, from all backgrounds to participate and claim their basic rights. Local organizations provided training and counseling to rural women who participate in activities in the communities and this helps them understand their rights and realize their power to participate and act together.

File 31555Rural Women preparing the plots for seeds

A lot of the rural women enjoyed the activity and were grateful to receive the vegetable seeds. Therese, a mother of 8 children was very happy because it is a big help for her and her family.

File 31558

“This will help us in our small farm. We will have enough to eat and sell. It is a good movement,” she says

Therese is one of the active farmers in the local community. She also sells charcoal to make ends meet. She enjoys the company of other farmers in the community and participates in different activities whenever she can. 

Noel is also a farmer and has a little business to support her five children. She and her family plant vegetables so that they can have enough to eat and sell.

File 31557

“You have to eat vegetables for your body. You can also sell it to pay for school fees, “ she claims.

For these rural women a little help goes a long way. We should always remember that food is essential and is basic right for all human beings and that these women are the ones who make sure that we have enough vegetables to eat. 

File 31556

Rural women contribute a lot to our local economy, let’s continue to support and empower them!