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Accelerated Education in Haiti: Giving Children A Chance For A Better Life

Monday, November 16, 2015 - 15:50

Mondine Saint-Fleur is among the beneficiaries of the accelerated education program in Mariani, Port-au-Prince designed by ActionAid Haiti and implemented with the partner COZPAM for children who don’t have the chance to attend school at the right age. Children like Mondine are thankful for that opportunity and more children are eager to be part of the program.

Education in Haiti is quite a complex question mostly because of its educational system and policy. The truth is that 88% of the schools are private. According to World Bank (2006) Haiti is the only country that more than half of the students are in private schools. In a country where most of the people are living with less than 1$ per day, the school fees in the private schools range from $800-2000 per year while public schools fees are $10 per year. Therefore, people with low revenue can’t afford such a high cost for the education of their children.

The earthquake of January 2010 has made things more difficult. The Haitian Ministry of Education estimates that the earthquake affected 4,992 (23 percent) of the nation‘s schools. ActionAid finds it more than imperative to provide some alternatives to what the state offers to the population and an accelerated education program has been put into operation mostly in Port-au-Prince where the partner COZPAM intervenes. It is created intentionally for children who go to school at a late age.

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Mondine is one of the children of Mariani, Port-Au-Prince, who is happy to be part of the accelerated education program because her mother is not able to pay her school fees. That 12 year old girl is a very brilliant student. She enjoys mathematics and dreams to become a nurse when she grows up. 

Her mother is definitely encouraging her to go to school because she doesn’t want her child to be a lazy girl and a burden to her family and society. She doesn’t want Mondine to end up like her, struggling with her little business to take care of her family. She dreams that her daughter becomes an important person. 

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I want to educate my children because uneducated and ignorant people do not shine in life, says her mother.

Mondine's mother is thankful for what ActionAid is doing  in her community. Thanks to the support of the sponsors and donors, the education programs are able to help children in the communities.